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MLM & SARS: A Simplified Guide

What's MLM?

MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing, is a way to earn by selling products and recruiting new team members. Popular brands in South Africa include Herbalife, Amway, doTERRA International LLC, Avon, Nu Skin, Justine, Young Living Essential Oils, Six Sigma, LiveGood WorldWide Company, and Kannaway. Remember, earning money this way means you've got to handle taxes smartly – even if it's JUST your side hustle.

Why Tax Advice Matters

Getting advice from tax pros who know MLM inside out can save you a headache. They'll help you navigate the tax world, ensuring you're doing everything by the book and making the most of your money.

Income Tax on MLM Earnings

All the money you make from MLM—whether from sales or commission is taxed just like any other income. This is true no matter which MLM brand you're with.

Reducing Your Tax Bill

You can lower your taxes by deducting certain costs related to your MLM business. This includes money spent on products, marketing, travel to MLM events, and part of your internet bill if you work from home.

The VAT Milestone

Hitting R1 million in earnings? Time to register for VAT. This adds a step of collecting VAT on your sales and claiming back VAT on business expenses. Understanding VAT is crucial as your business grows, affecting your taxes and possible deductions.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Your Investments

CGT doesn't usually affect MLM earnings directly. But if you invest your MLM income in property or shares and later sell them, CGT could apply.

Keeping Records

Staying organized with detailed records of what you earn and spend is key. It makes tax time smoother and ensures you're paying the right amount of tax and getting all the deductions you're entitled to.

The Role of Tax Professionals

Tax experts do more than just crunch numbers. They guide you through the complexities of tax laws related to your MLM activities, helping you keep more of your earnings legally.

In Short

MLM in South Africa can be rewarding, but it's essential to keep on top of your tax obligations. With careful planning and the right advice, you can enjoy a profitable and compliant MLM business.



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