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Helping you structure your legacy so that your loved ones are provided for.

No matter the mess your financial affairs may be in, your LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT should always be in order. 

Bullivant specialises in making sure that your WILL is your lasting legacy, by ensuring that your WILL is drafted correctly and that it can be executed. 


Appointing a family member as the executor may sound like the right thing to do. Have you thought about the emotional trauma that family members go through when a loved one passes away?  With the appointment as executor, you may compound this trauma due to the volume of processes and bureaucracy one has to deal with when administering a deceased estate.

Recently a client of mine described the loss of her husband: 

"I became numb and the whole world crumbled and shattered around me, I could not believe he was gone, no more hugs, no more laughter, no more holding hands, no more joking around and this list goes on.  The void in my life and our home is SO PRESENT!

The pain you feel is indescribable and so raw, the pain drowns you and you struggle to breathe every day.  My heart literally ached and still does.

Your body aches in places as you are carrying this huge amount of grief within in you, you have a fogged brain where you do not even remember the past let alone what you did 5 minutes ago.  You lose your appetite; depression sinks in, and you are alone in all this pain as family and friends all move on and get on with their lives.  I started developing the most awful panic attacks which would take 48 hours to recover from, they are scary and painful too.

At least I had help to get through this awful period!"

Bullivant will be able to guide you through the processes of:

Drafting a will so your loved ones are provided for

Ensuring the will is structured so that it can be executed 

Administering the deceased estate


For many families, the passing of a loved one is a frightening and immensely sad event.

Each family needs its own time and its own arrangements to process the major change which has taken place in their lives.

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