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Discover Surprising Ways to Fall in Love with Filing Your 2nd Provisional Taxes!

Turning tax preparation into a more enjoyable, or even romantic, experience can be a fun way to transform a typically tedious task into something special, especially around February, the month of romance. Here are some creative ideas to make tax season feel a bit more delightful: 

Schedule a "Tax Date Night": Choose a cozy evening to sit down with your partner and go through your tax documents together. Light some candles, play your favourite music softly in the background, and maybe even open a bottle of wine to make the process feel more like a date than a chore. 

 Just like Valentine comes every 14th of February, so does the deadline for the 2nd provisional tax, which repeats every February! 

Dress Up for the Occasion: Who says you can't make tax preparation an event? Dress up as if you were going out for a special evening. It's a playful way to elevate the mood and make the task ahead feel more exciting. 

 Instead of only thinking about doing your provisional tax, dress up and show up and let's do it! Ignoring your tax obligations doesn't make it go away. So make the most of the occasion. 

Prepare a Special Meal or Snacks: Cooking a special meal or preparing some delicious snacks can make the experience more enjoyable. Think of it as a picnic or a cozy café experience right at your desk. 

Calculating Tax is similar; if you leave it all for one big meal, it could be a large bill, but if you snack, you won't get the after-meal heartburn. 

Reward Yourselves: Plan a romantic reward for after you've completed your taxes. It could be a special dessert, watching a movie you both love or a relaxing bath together. Knowing there's a treat waiting can make the work feel more worthwhile. 

Knowing you have your provisional taxes done – reward yourself with the satisfaction of knowing you have avoided those pesky penalties and interest. 

Take Breaks for Mini-Dates: If you're in for a long session of tax prep, plan short breaks where you do something entirely unrelated and fun. A quick dance around the living room, a few minutes of stargazing, or a short walk hand in hand can break up the monotony. 

Don't get too distracted and walk away and forget actually to submit the provisional return. 

Reflect on Your Financial Goals: Use this time as an opportunity to discuss your future goals and dreams. Planning for your financial future can be a deeply intimate and constructive way to spend your "tax date night." 

Investing my future tax payments into an interest-bearing account has allowed me to exceed the cash flow available for my tax obligations and kick-start the next cycle. 

Decorate Your Workspace: Turn your tax preparation area into a romantic oasis. A little decoration can go a long way—think flowers, decorative lights, or anything that makes the space feel special and inviting. 

If your tax preparation area is also your home office – and you turned it into a romantic oasis – it will no longer qualify as the exclusive use for trade. Therefore, your home office expense will not qualify as a tax deduction. 

End with a Toast: Once everything is done, celebrate your accomplishment with a toast to another year of navigating the challenges of the provisional tax processes. 

Remember, the goal is to transform an otherwise mundane task into something that brings you closer together. Adding elements of romance, fun, and partnership into the mix allows you to turn provisional tax preparation from a task you dread into a memorable part of your tax relationship’s journey. 


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