Once you’ve decided to hire an outsourced accounting company and not bring in in-house, it’s now time to choose which company to go with. There are many important considerations to make, and the decision is perhaps one of your company’s most important of all financial decisions.

So here is a checklist for your small to medium business to consult when looking at different accounting companies to hire. Be prepared and make a smart investment choice using this checklist.

1. Ask Yourself – Is Location Important?
In the past it used to be important to have your business’s accountant nearby. Today, more and more companies are collaborating online and using cloud-based technologies to manage their businesses. Now you can access the expertise of major cities’ accounting firms, even if you aren’t close to the city.

2.Choose A Certified Accountant
This is a no-brainer. But you should still ensure that the accounting company you choose has the required certifications and is registered with all the relevant governing bodies and industry watchdogs.

3.Expertise and Experience
There are few things that match expertise and experience. Choose an accountant that brings a fine balance of both to the table, and your business will already be better off than it had been before hiring the company.

At Bullivant Accounting, we bring many years’ experience and expertise to every client we take on. Let us help you manage your company’s accounting with expertise, and benefit from our unmatched insight and experience in the South African accounting industry.