This is the SARS bi-annual reconciliation of EMP201 returns issued for the first 6 months of the year to payroll data for PAYE, UIF and SDL. Date for submission is between September and October.
These are the returns to advise SARS of the amount of dividends declared and to whom.
The form is called W.As.8 which is issued by the Compensation Fund (The old WCA – Workmens Compensation a division of the Labour Department) in terms of the COIDA 1993 Act. This return is due on the 31st March of each year and is based on the last tax year payroll gross earnings and an estimate of the current tax year payroll.
Employment equity report for employers with employees greater than 50 or turnover that exceeds their category limit.
Payroll withholding taxes including Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Skills Development Levy (SDL) Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) to be submitted and paid to SARS via e-filing.
Employers annual reconciliation of the employee annual IRP5 tax certificates to the monthly EMP201 returns and payments submitted to SARS.
Employee annual tax certificate to be issued by employer for the period commencing March and ending the following February.
IRP6 is the form name for provisional tax returns to be paid over to SARS. The year and then the period is indicated. For example

  • 2017/01 = 1st provisional tax return for the tax year end 2017 for the first 6 months;
  • 2017/02 = 2nd provisional tax return for the tax year end 2017 for the 12 months trading;
  • 2017/03 = 3rd provisional tax return (this is optional), if insufficient tax has been paid on the first two provisional tax returns then use this return to TOP-UP the tax to be paid over.
  • This is the SARS form name for individual annual tax returns.
  • 2017 filing season started on the 01 July 2016.
  • Electronic submissions for non-provisional individual annual tax returns ends on 25th November 2016.
  • Electronic submission for provisional individuals and Trusts end 31st January 2017.
Annual tax return for companies (Due 12 months after the financial year end)
This application enables employers to reconcile the EMP201 returns submitted to SARS monthly, to the bi-annual and annual EMP501 submissions.
SARS electronic platform to capture your respective data and lodge your various returns and set the payment instruction.
The SARS form used to make declarations of your respective vat cycle, which could be the prior month or prior two months net vatable trading transactions