Why every company should invest in a Skills Development Fund

“Our employees are our greatest asset”. This is the quote that most organisations are passionate about and understand that employees are in fact the driving force behind the success and performance of the organisation. A Skills Development Fund (SDL) is a system which is used to ensure that the workforce is upgraded with relevant upgraded

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5 tips to follow to qualify you for a Tax Return

Bullivant Accounting is an organisation that is at the forefront of Accounting and Tax services. Our core purpose is to ensure that all our clients are knowledgeable in industry trends and organisational efficiency. Our tax services are comprehensive in nature and we can assist you in the following: Assisting individuals to receive tax refunds due,

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Why children should be taught about taxes in school

There are several things that students learn while they are at school from math to how to analyse a poem in depth. Now while these lessons aren’t useless they may not help us with the day-to-day activities of life. Children need to be exposed to different topics to have the opportunity to choose that field

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Is our tax money used to improve the economy ?

As an integral part of what fuels the activity of a country, taxes are mostly used to improve the state’s economy. An economy is an area where goods and services are produced, traded and consumed. The state’s ability to provide goods and services to the public is determined by the state of the economy and

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How Your Business Will Benefit from Using Third Party Accounting Firms

Learn More About the Benefits of Working with Outsourced Accounting Firms Many business owners are still in two minds as to whether it really pays to outsource their bookkeeping and tax needs to third party accounting firms. However, you don’t need to look far and wide to see the many incredible benefits doing so can

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Considering Outsourcing Your Company’s Tax Services? Read This.

Here’s How Outsourced Tax Services Can Benefit Your Company Many business owners and managers think outsourcing their tax services is only about costs savings. This isn’t the case at all. Outsourcing your tax needs to a third party can help your company to grow faster and stronger, in a sustainable fashion. It helps you to

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