A business owner gearing up to sell their business will understand that it is not a process to be taken lightly. You have dedicated years of your life to building your business and now you want to make the most out the process of selling. You can only sell your business on one occasion so you want to be sure you are following the right steps and correctly preparing you the process of selling.

Planning Ahead
The first thing you should do is begin the planning phase and consider all your options e.g. management buyout. Consider your reasoning and objectives, which can include anything from retirement to the desire to move on to something new. Set a sell by date and a price target along with any other objectives you hope to achieve with the sale of your business, and consider the state of the economy as choosing the right time for the sale is important.

Get the Advice
Accounting firms like Bullivant Accounting and Tax Services, can offer you as a business owner, substantial amounts of helpful advice and assistance. Be sure that you fill your corner with high quality counsel who will be able to aid in the smooth progression of your sale. Doing so has many potential benefits such as incresing the potential number of buyers and keep your tax liabilities to a minimumm. Once you have selecter our advisors they will begin the process of selling by completing various designated tasks such as compliling a financial repot and scouting for interested buyers.

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