There are several things that students learn while they are at school from math to how to analyse a poem in depth. Now while these lessons aren’t useless they may not help us with the day-to-day activities of life. Children need to be exposed to different topics to have the opportunity to choose that field of study as a career however they also need to be exposed to the realities of adulthood and what their civil responsibilities will be once they start working.

Tax is something every person will encounter during their lifetime. It is the civic responsibility that every person should fulfil. Although you may not see it, almost everything is taxed. Whether its VAT (value added tax), income tax or transfer duties, taxes are everywhere. Knowing how taxes are paid and why, is important. Where your tax money goes and how the government distributes the money paid by taxpayers.

Teaching children how to fill in basic tax forms correctly and with ease is a necessity. Their financial literacy will be tested when doing their taxes as an adult. Instilling habits that will ensure they are well informed when paying taxes and being savvy with their money means that their minds are enriched with knowledge on how to be better citizens and socially responsible beings.

This includes knowing the tax services available to you. These services assist people in complying with tax-related legislation and regulations. This is significant because keeping up with different legislations and regulations might be difficult to do. With the assistance of tax services, people can be guided in the right manner to do their taxes at the time. We need to equip every child with the tools needed for adult life. Making it easier for them to adjust to life as an adult and being able to carry out day-to-day activities efficiently.