Bullivant Accounting and Tax Services offers an end-to-end accounting service to all sizes of business, applying the same rigorous standards of professionalism, service quality and ethical consideration to any size of business.  From start-up to wind-up, Bullivant is there to guide and assist you through the processes.


Bullivant –Accounting Firms In Gauteng, North West Province And Western Cape


Bullivant’s suite of services includes tax and bookkeeping, advisory, start-up services such as company registration and memorandums of association, and business management services.


Bullivant offers business coaching ranging from buying existing business to establishing a new one, to courting investors on your behalf and viability assistance.


On the start-up side, Bullivant takes an empowering view, particularly with respect to tax, VAT, IUF and WCA.  Once a business is established, Bullivant can undertake accounting management and bookkeeping and tax conformity.  In the event that it becomes necessary to close you r business down, Bullivant can help ensure that it doesn’t dissolve into a “fire sale” and that employee concerns are properly addressed.


Amongst the plethora of accounting firms that exist, it is comforting to find one who will take your core business to heart and invest in your corporate culture, your policies and procedures and your business strategy on a personal level.


Key in accounting is accuracy and timeous submission of legislative requirements and Bullivant prides itself on keeping its clients in line with statutory and reporting requirements.  Accounting is a non-core activity in any business, at arm’s length from profit activities, so it’s good to know that someone the calibre of Bullivant has your back in matters of tax and labour compliance.  It’s also comforting to know that one can access the geographical, skill and knowledge resources of a whole network of accounting firms in order to do effective business.


You cannot regret finding out what Bullivant has to offer for the establishment, furtherance or dissolution of your business.